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Having lived in Britain all my life, I’m somewhat acclimatised to the deceptive practices of the BBC.

Way back during the liberation of Iraq, I recall noticing how twice as much time was given to stories which reflected negatively on the enterprise than to those that would seem to justify it. This wasn’t ‘lying’, I remember thinking, as much as merely pointing the camera in the wrong direction. Such is the trademark of propaganda in the digital age.

It’s no surprise then, that the BBC is continuing this practice with the Islamisation of Europe. Like Iraq, this is an issue on which the corporation has a clear and definite bias.

I’ve noticed that the BBC has, over the previous year, been giving increasing attention to the countries of Scandinavia; importing crime dramas, Swedish cookery and music programmes, and – most often of all, sending news personnel to cover the Nordic states and present them as model socialist democracies.

To be sure, there is a ready market for this deception. A weird tendency exists in Britain (almost exclusively affecting men) which imagines that Scandinavia is (and always has been) a kind of utopia. According to this hallucination, Nordic cites are all sleek modern architecture, crimeless neighbourhoods, pristine pavements and tall, easily-charmed blonde maidens. Whether this was once true of these societies, I don’t pretend to know, but whatever social advantages Scandinavia previously enjoyed, they have since been greatly compromised by immigration.

Though we often speak of the ‘Islamisation of Europe’, we shouldn’t pretend that all the countries of Western Europe are equally afflicted. In twenty years time, many European countries will be cohesive and stable. Others, by contrast, will be either wholly Islamic, or divided within themselves into Islamic and non-Islamic enclaves, each armed and hostile against the other.

Sweden, I’m afraid to say, is almost certainly destined to be in the latter category. Only a few months ago, vast portions of civilized and quiescent Stockholm were ablaze and Islamist conquerors, impatient for the demographic victory they are sure awaits them, marched streets that have known nothing but Swedish feet for thousands of years.

By 2030, it is predicted that Sweden will be at least one quarter Muslim. A quick survey  of world history tells us that very few societies have ever rolled back an Islamic incursion of that magnitude without prolonged social upheaval.

You might say that Israel manages to defend itself against an internal population opposed to its way of life. But look at how controversial that is, and how much it distracts one of the most advanced peoples in the world.

A similar situation to the Swedish model may await Denmark and (to a lesser extent) Norway.

I don’t know to which wonderland the BBC sends its film crews for those Newsnight specials on the Nordic ‘miracle’, but they are certainly as foreign to the besieged natives as they are to themselves.