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If you’re interested in terrorism and the Western response to it, ‘Michael Scheuer’ is a name you’ll probably be familiar with.

Scheuer used to run the Bin Laden unit at the CIA, and has since penned two bestselling books critical of US policy in the Middle East. The first – ‘Imperial Hubris’ – was published anonymously. The second – ‘Marching Towards Hell: America and the World After Iraq’ – was published under Scheuer’s own name.

I have only read the second of these books, and having done so, have no intention of reading the first. In case you don’t know, Scheuer is an extreme product of the ‘Paleo-Conservative’ trend in American republicanism. This is the tendency that often questions whether fascism was worth engaging militarily in World War 2, campaigns against American interventions around the world, and violently opposes immigration. Perhaps the most famous exponant of this trend of thought is former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

Like Buchanan, Scheuer disagrees passionately with US foreign policy in the Middle East. Unlike Buchanan, Scheuer doesn’t tend to mince his words, especially when Jews are concerned. The following for example, is a direct quote from ‘Marching Towards Hell’:

“I care not a whit whether Israel survives or not.”

In a later interview with comedian Bill Maher, Scheuer remarked that the Jewish State was ‘not worth an American life or an American dollar’, and, when Maher replied that Israel was a liberal democracy worth defending, remarked (astonishingly) that “It doesn’t matter from an American point of view, whether any one votes again anywhere in the world’.

In sync with these mad sentiments, Scheuer believes American foreign policy is directly to blame for the modern Islamist phenomenon in its totality, and even goes so far as to regard Bin Laden as a’ freedom fighter’.

The solution to the issue of Islamism then is not to engage it, but to allow the Muslim world to do whatever it likes, cease financial and military support of Israel, and apologise for past acts of ‘aggression’ (such as Gulf Wars 1 & 2..).

Needless to say, Scheuer is fast becoming one of the radical Left’s favourite Conservatives. His books and outbursts have also secured him a fanbase in the Arab world, and he has appeared numerous times on the Al-Jazeera propaganda network. Most recently, a video of Scheuer recommending America ‘drop’ Israel has gotten over 100,000 views on youtube.

I’m not going to waste my time addressing the defective logic Scheuer uses to come to his conclusions.

I’ll just say, that he provides an interesting case study of how the Conservative wing too has its share of quislings, and also of how the ‘right’ can quickly degenerate into the ‘left’ under the stressful historic conditions we currently face.