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Living in England, one gets used to the multiplying number of MPs with Muslim names.

As a general rule, these new additions to the House are on the Labour and Lib Dem Benches, and their political positions come freshly ripped from a Michael Moore documentary.

More recently though, there has been a rise in the number of Muslim MPs elected on a Conservative ticket. The pioneer of this trend is undoubtedly Stratford-On-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawahi.

Mr Zahawi is an Iraqi Kurd whose family emigrated to Britain while he was a child. Since then, the Conservative Party, as part of the Cameronite effort to transform its image, has tried whenever possible to push Zahawi in front of the camera… “Us? Racist? How can we be…look at this guy!”

And I suppose there is nothing harmful in this per se. Zahawi doesn’t appear particularly religious. He is professed supporter of Israel, and votes in line with conservative sentiments on most domestic issues.

A greater question though, is has Zahawi become British in loyalty?

I have to ask this because of Zahawi’s behavior during the vote over war with Syria. As you know, anybody with a brain on the political Right knew Western intervention would be against our interests. Zahawi, however, was a loud exception. Why?

The politically correct answer is that Zahawi simply disagreed because of a quirk in his tory ideology. The less PC answer is that Zahawi is a Kurd.

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, many Kurdish Nationalists sensed an opportunity to secede the tiny slither of Syria (populated mainly by Kurds) that adjoins the AKR of Iraq. This is part of a larger project to carve out a huge Kurdish state from parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. Personally, I’m in favour of this project. A Kurdish state would weaken Turkey, and provide a powerful (and grateful ally) for the West in a strategically important part of the Middle East.

But there are more sensible ways of going about it. The one promoted by Zahawi might have guaranteed the genocide of Syria’s ancient Christian community, a crime the West would be shamed to have permitted.

Perhaps Zahawi wasn’t thinking of that. Or perhaps, more worryingly, he didn’t care about that.

Zahawi’s conservatism seems to me, really rather dodgy.

A general rule is to be wary of Muslims in conservative clothes. Their political and cultural loyalties aren’t always in sync. When they collide, be especially attentive to which side they choose.