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In both the liberal and right-wing reaction to and subsequent commentary on the passing of Nelson Mandela, there has been (perhaps predictably) no shortage of hypocrisy.

Of these uncountable strands, there are two dominant fallacies which themselves give momentum to all the rest:

The first is found on the right-wing, and in particular amongst its White Nationalist faction. Members of this tendency seem to find no logical problem in defending the right of Dutch people to settle in the ancestral lands of the Zulu, while at the same time protesting the right of Zulu (and any other kind of Sub-Saharan African) to settle in Rotterdam. For such people it would seem, the mere fact of being European serves as a kind of universal passport; a transcendent liberty to settle, disperse, re-arrange, conquer and roam, without moral regard for any other tribe or hue.

On the Left meanwhile, a strange hypocrisy of the opposite kind can be felt, namely the idea that Dutch people have no business asserting themselves in Johannesburg, but that the Africanisation/Islamisation of the Netherlands is perfectly OK. Zulu and Nguni men and woman should not only be free to settle in Amsterdam, but should be allowed to feel as Dutch as the people who have always lived there, and furthermore, if their birth-rates condemn the Dutch to the dispossession of their ancestral land then well… if you snooze you lose…

Both of these points of view involve ridiculous errors of logic. Neither of them, hemmed in by self-contradiction, can move an inch either side. We shouldn’t argue with them therefore, but we can and should replace them with sound alternatives:

The only consistent and honest positions on South Africa are the following:

1. The White race is so crushingly superior that they can do whatever they damn well please. Therefore South Africa should be governed and organized by Afrikaners.

2. The White race is inherently demonic and therefore should not be allowed to settle in Africa, but (given the innate evil of the honky) all Africans have the right to settle in Europe just to make sure Whites behave themselves.

3. The Dutch people are not indigenous to South Africa and should return to the Netherlands. By the same principle, the Africans currently in the Netherlands should return to Africa.

4. The exchange of peoples from Europe to Africa and vice versa is a fact of history. Both Europeans and Africans have the right to settle in either continent insofar as their presence is consented to by the native population. People should be free to live in voluntary segregation, or to inter-mix. The issue should be left to human (not political) agency.

Personally, I would pick number 4. You might choose differently. But whatever your view, hypocrisy demeans us all. We’d do well to avoid it.