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Do you ever wonder what people in the Future World (East Asia) think of the implosion of the Old (Western) World? I do.

They don’t like to dwell on it much, but many European Conservatives imagine the Chinese, Japanese and others are quietly gloating and sniggering behind our backs. This is wholly wrong, I think. It’s far more likely that East Asians are fundamentally confused by our behavior.

Take for example, the great nation of Japan.

Japan is a country experiencing a similar demographic collapse to that of Europe. As with Germans, Danes and Swedes, the Japanese birth-rate has been below ‘replacement level’ for some years now. Old people are multiplying, young people are growing scarcer.

But despite this, Japan’s culture remains curiously intact, whereas European society is becoming a three way division of Unemployed Whites, ghettoized Africans, and hostile Muslims.

I’m not going to patronize you, dear reader, by pondering ‘why’ this is the case. We both know well enough about the policy of ‘multiculturalism’, its origin and ill-effects.

What is worth pondering is what exactly Japanese people think when they see what (from a distance) must look like deliberate cultural suicide?

What do they think of riots on the streets of London, or tube-bombings, Muslim rape gangs, veils, honour killings, flash mobs and police ‘no-go areas’?

They must believe we’ve lost our senses.

According to some, Japan considered adopting the ‘Western model’ for itself at one point. It discarded the idea after observing its violent fruit on the streets of America, Britain and other less well-advised countries. 

So maybe there’s a comforting thought to conclude with. Even if not ourselves, at least our policies have benefited someone.