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The English Defence League is a naturally divisive group. It is designed after-all to divide the country into those willing to accommodate violent Muslims and those who are unwilling. Most people for now, are in the former camp. This camp includes almost all of the ‘Middle-Class’, for whom the EDL are too uncouth to be right about anything, as well as the elites of urban centres like Birmingham and London. At best, the EDL can claim the allegiance of a few hundred thousand working-class English citizens.

But be they in a minority or otherwise, we all have a reason to thank the EDL.

Do you recall, fellow Englanders, the name ‘Anjem Choudary’? It’s almost certain that you do. He’s the guy who picketed our returning servicemen in Luton all those years ago, an event which led directly to the formation of the EDL. Before this, he held marches in central London demanding the submission of every English man, woman and child to Sharia Law. He used to burn flags too, and most recently burned a poppy in South Kensington close to Remembrance Day weekend.

He’s still up to his old antics of course, but have you noticed how the Islamist demos are getting fewer and further between? And have you also noticed how this decline of offensive displays by Muslims correlates with the rise of the EDL?

What’s happened to old Choudary and co? Are they getting scared?

Quite possibly, and with good reason. The EDL has chapters all over the country and could reach any location very quickly. This makes it quite risky to gather for the kind of tasteless hate-session Choudary become famous for.

Even if you distrust the EDL or its tactics, anything that puts the wind up Islamists should count on your support.