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Today, as I write, the English Defence League is marching in Tower Hamlets, East London. Police and law-makers have diverted the procession from its planned route that would have seen it march into the very centre of the borough and past the notorious East London Mosque (capacity 8000 and recently extended). Now it shall be largely a ‘static’ demonstration on the outskirts of the area. Over 500 EDL members are rumoured to be in attendance, and will be met by a counter-protest of up to 4,000 Leftists and Militant Muslims.

To mark the occasion, British newspapers, left and right, have trotted out the usual moth-ridden accusations. Most common of all is the habit of never mentioning the EDL without the libelous prefix ‘far-right’.

It’s never thus “The English Defence League are holding a march”, it is the ‘The Far-Right English Defence League are holding a march…”. So commonplace is this trope that a foreigner would be forgiven for thinking The EDL is really called the FREDL.

But is the EDL really ‘far-right’, and if not then where does it sit on the political spectrum?

My answer would be that the EDL is on the ‘right’ for ‘left-wing’ reasons. Complicated and hard to jingoise as that is, it is considerably more accurate than ‘far-right’.

The internet definition of ‘far-right’ is –

“(of political views) reactionary; extremely conservative.”

Uneducated Liberals might think the first word applies here, but it doesn’t. The internet definition of ‘reactionary’ is –

“(of a person or set of views) Opposing political or social liberalization or reform.’

The social trends opposed by the EDL are those which imprison women, stone homosexuals, and go against every liberal reform England has ever known. In fact, if you feel like suggesting something on an EDL forum, perhaps ‘Anti-reactionary’ would be a good way to promote its mission in future.

When I say the EDL are ‘right-wing for left-wing reasons’, I mean that while the group is opposed to something ‘foreign’, that ‘foreign’ element has been chosen purely for its hostile attitude towards liberal society. The EDL are no more ‘far-right’ for doing this than British generations before them were ‘far-right’ for fighting the (equally foreign) Nazis.

(On a side-note, why is the EDL ‘far-right’ but Hamas isn’t? Or what about the vile populist Christine Kirchner or the gay-hating Fidel Castro? Why is liberal judgement so selective?)

Whatever you think of the EDL or its methods, to call them ‘far-right’ is a deliberate lie and Leftists only demean themselves by its circulation.