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How the mighty fall.

The United States, leader of the free world, will soon begin its first mission as a tool of Saudi Arabian foreign policy. Meanwhile, the leaders of Russia, who still retain a commitment to their national interest, must concede that they have postured, threatened and warned in vain. Cruise missiles will soon be fired at armament factories, airbases and missile dumps throughout the nation of Syria. Jihadi groups armed with AK-47s and RPGs will scurry into the aftermath, finishing off regime conscripts and security personnel before declaring the emptied territories part of a new, sovereign Waqf, surrendered to Allah and governed by Sharia law.

We should have seen this coming. For many decades, there have been two ideologies competing for supremacy in the Arab world. One is Arab Nationalism, begun in Cairo during the 1950s and personified by the populist regime of Abdel Nasser; and secondly, there is Qutbist Islamism, begun in Cairo during the 1960s and personified by Osama Bin Laden and the modern Saudi monarchy.

While both of these are dangerous and undesirable, only the latter has designs on the Western world. Yet it is this very movement we are helping to succeed by intervening in Syria. We have already helped it by toppling Gaddafi and allowing the toppling of Mubarak. If Syria falls, then the whole of the Arab world emerges as unguarded food for the Saudis, who were always frustrated by the tendency of Arab Nationalists to align with Persian Iran.

An Arab world run by Sunni Islamists will be funded, armed and led by the Saudi religious establishment. Soon there will be set in place the chess pieces for a Sunni-Shia cold war.

How will operations in Syria pan out? Perhaps that’s a question to be postponed. For a while, it will seem that the nay-sayers were reactionary and over-cautious. American action will likely be heavy but brief. The Syrian civil war may continue unabated for a week or so. But after a period of smoke-clearing and body-burying, things will undoubtedly recommence with a rebel advantage. What then?

What will the Israelis do with a terror state to its north – a super-sized Gaza strip loaded with thousands of rockets, missiles and chemical warheads? What will Washington and London say when terror attacks strike Western capitals, the trails of which lead back to Damascus? And finally, what are we to do, with our governments surrendered to the worst enemy-state Western civilization has faced since Communism?

D, LDN.