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Over recent weeks we’ve been treated to a horrid selection of photographs from conflicts in the Middle East. Hundreds of people have been killed, most recently over a thousand by the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Upon seeing such things, the natural human reaction is to say something like – “I don’t care what the situation is. There is no excuse for this.”

And I have some sympathy with that. Certainly the Assad chemical attack (and the sight of children killed by it) should depress us all. But despite this, we must keep in mind two essential facts:

1. In both Egypt and Syria, there are wars ongoing not between tyranny and freedom – but between secular government and Islamist terrorism.


2. Those who fight for the latter would butcher us all if they could.

These two facts must be preserved in our thoughts no matter how ugly the situation there becomes. When you see the bodies of innocent children killed by government retaliation – by all means cry for them, but never allow a moments sympathy for those who led them into harms way in the first place, and who prolong this conflict deliberately by acts of terror, and who would gladly bring the same conflict to where you live, exposing your loved ones to the same dangers.

The war between a strange and badly applied version of modernity (personified by the Assad government) and a force of 6th century barbarians hell-bent on Islamising the world should really be a no-brainer for anyone who values civilisation.

If Assad is now resorting to using Chemical weapons to repel the advance of the ‘rebels’, then perhaps the more rational countries of the West (as well as the famed ‘Moderate states’ of the Middle East) should provide him with more accurate non-Chemical weapons.

Assad is many things – a murderer, dictator, thief and anti-Semite – but his crumbling regime stands in the way of something unimaginably worse, not just for us, but for the people of Syria too.