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The controversial (and stupidly ambiguous) Morrissey album-track ‘National Front Disco’ has been ringing in my head all week. One lyric in particular (addressed  – as the whole song is, to a young skinhead called ‘David’) has distracted my thinking:

‘David, we wonder/ we wonder if the thunder/ is ever really gonna begin…’

As I say, I’m not a fan of the song, but it did make me think.

Islamophobia is less a tendency now than an industry. We can no longer claim that we are being censored by newspapers, online searches, or publishing houses (if Mark Steyn can get published, there can be few limits). The censors have tried, but they have failed. Our worldview is rising faster than that of its detractors.

But with this popularity also arrives cause for doubt. If thousands of people, millions even, are receptive to this political voice, why is the struggle still limited to chat-rooms and blog-sites? When indeed will the popular ‘thunder’ roll?

After Lee Rigby was hacked to death near his barracks, there was, mixed in with the general shock and anger, a definite silver-lining of hope. I really did believe that Muslims had crossed a line that could not be recrossed. Only weeks later, the tragedy was fish & chip paper. 

So if not the brazen murder of our soldiers, what kind of event can change the political atmosphere?

I remember putting this question to a leading figure in British CounterJihad movement and he suggested that an event of sufficient severity had only recently (and narrowly) been avoided. A few months ago, Islamists were convicted in a British court of planning to bomb an EDL rally. Had they succeeded, he argued, they would have triggered great social disorder and secured the hatred of a whole generation of English youths.

What other processes could bring a resolution closer? I’ve been thinking about this all week and I’ve come up with the following three scenarios:

1. A CounterJihad Spring.

Another terrorist attack in Central London is almost certain. Sometime, somewhere, yet more innocent Brits will have to die, probably by fire or bullet.

But what if – after one such occurrence – some patriot group of note refuses to get angry and sets about getting even. Using social media, they instruct every party supporter to file into Parliament Square, bringing with them food, shelter and changes of clothing. Thousands show up, just as asked, and many more (from right around the country) pledge to join them. The media arrive to be told that the area is hereby ‘occupied’ until the government (no, let’s go further), until the EU pledges a total halt to Islamic immigration. Police would struggle to halt the spread of the protest and  – as long as it remained lawful and peaceful – it might well bear  genuine fruit.

2. Elite Defections.

Celebrities are Leftists by instinct. If you’re a musician, comedian, novelist or pop-journalist, you will only succeed by being ‘cutting-edge’ and this will inevitably place you with a multicultural crowd. Reflecting this, liberalism is almost mandatory among the British celebrity elite.

But what if – by some unknown trigger – a few celebrities of note began to defect away from the liberal consensus on Islam and caused a shift in broader society. It isn’t unthinkable. The policies of Islam on women, homosexuality, drug-use and the playing of musical instruments are completely at odds with everything the elite promotes. The alliance then between liberals and their own worst enemy cannot hold forever.

3. The Queen Dies.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the passing of the Queen will potentially have a major impact on the social climate of the UK. In the weeks following her passing, all political bets will truly be off. If one – just one – Muslim group waved a placard speculating that Her majesty was rotting in hell, or otherwise cast negative aspersions on her character, a unifying rage would glue the classes of England together in a way that would astonish foreign observers. Testifying to this, British Islamist groups, for all their enthusiasm in murdering our soldiers, have not yet summoned the courage to offend the Royals. That said, only a fool would rule it out. 

So, there’s three events which could bring this long argument toward something like a resolution. As for anything more immediate from our political leaders, don’t hold your breath.