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I was motivated to write this post after reading about the treatment of Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP MEP who has been severely reprimanded for protesting the transfer of British aid to a catch-all territory he called ‘Bongo-Bongo land’.

While the term Bloom used is obviously retrograde, silly and a throwback to the worst days of colonial racism, he was entirely correct to criticize the foreign aid budget which (alongside MP salaries) surely ranks among the great scandals of our day.

How can we justify, Bloom asked, giving any money to the foreign poor, when the poor here are becoming reliant on food-banks?

He could have gone much further, I’m sure, if political correctness hadn’t forbade it. Perhaps I can go further for him. Aid to Africa – though it has been a noble pursuit in the past – is today largely a swindle.

While the problems of Africa are real and tragic, they are usually self-created and self-maintained. Malnutrition for example, is the fruit of overpopulation. Aids is the fruit of irresponsibility. Tribal conflict is the fruit of culturelessness. 

To be absolutely frank, if we really cared about the welfare of Africans, we could solve their problems in a single decade by enforcing two commonsensical policies.

1. A child limit per woman.

Even though the same policy in China has led to horrid individual tragedies, Africa sees many, many more as a result of overbreeding. We must be clear that African parents who bring six or seven children into starving countries are not just uneducated, but frankly evil. They are behaving in a disgusting and reprehensible way and should be made an example of.

2. Economic policy, agriculture and city planning must be delegated to non-Africans.

Africans are not as bright as Europeans (the average IQ of a Sub-Saharan African is 70; the average for a European is 100), but they are still very much human-beings and deserve their share of human dignity. That dignity depends on their liberation from a state of darkness they evidently cannot escape.

African countries, even those considered to be merely ‘desert plains’, can be made into semi-modern countries with the right leadership. The Arabs and Berbers of North Africa manage to guarantee themselves a bassline standard of living (often in countries with little fertile land), but Sub-Saharan Africans clearly aren’t able to achieve the same. 

The only alternative to the status quo therefore is for Non-Africans to administer the economic and agricultural policies of Black-majority countries.

There you go.

Job done.

None of this will ever be undertaken of course, because to do so would wreck the Egalitarian order of the West. I just thought it might be nice to imagine a world in which we put peoples lives above theories.

Perhaps angry liberals could start thinking a little less about Mr Bloom, and a little more about that.