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According to the Guardian, the noted anti-Muslim ‘Neo-con’ Douglas Murray once remarked that the best way out of the Islamisation debacle was to make the lives of European Muslims as ‘uncomfortable’ as possible. Naturally, the Guardian printed this remark as part of a condemnation of Mr Murray, as well as of the think-tank he is now executive of, but nevertheless I suspect many will have felt some sympathy with it, and as an idea, it’s certainly worthy of further consideration.

What is life like for Muslims in ‘Islamophobic’ Britain today? Do they care about their image, their status, or their unpopularity? Are they already ‘uncomfortable’? Or do they live such separate and insulated lives that the views of the natives do not interest them?

This is a very important line of inquiry, and the answers to these questions unlock many other doors.

The reason Muslims not only stay in societies which despise them, but also bring over family members and encourage an increased inflow of their kind to the same shores, is because they are not immigrants but pioneers and colonists.

Their toleration of the hatred of others is very real evidence of the political nature of their settlement.

So to return to Mr Murray, we must object to his suggestion on these grounds. Muslims are, and will remain perfectly comfortable no matter what we do. They do not desire integration, and consequently aren’t bothered by the reactions of the Kafir. They care no more about their reputation among the native English, than the English colonists cared about their reputation among the Native Americans. In the minds of the Muslims, as in the minds of the Puritans, rebellion and contempt from the dispossessed is predictable and irrelevant.

There is, you hardly need me to tell you, a stark incompatibility between the way the British majority live, and the lifestyle of British Muslims . There is also a stark incompatibility between the way our society is currently ordered, and the way in which an Islamic society would be organized under their authority. Consequently, the long-term agenda of more devout Muslims must logically involve the transformation of the parts of Britain in which they reside into more authentically Islamic environments.

This postulate fits neatly with the reality of places like Tower Hamlets, a town which no longer bears any resemblance to the Western world. The same is true of the Asian areas of Bradford, Sparkbrook, Stoke, and Leicester.

And don’t think this is limited to Britain. Brenda Walker over at Vdare (a website with some questionable columnists but still….) wrote:

“Muslim immigration to America is growing. The overall number is still small as a proportion of population, but it’s never too early to quit the habit. Clever analysts have noticed that when the percentage of Muslims in a non-Muslim culture reaches around 10 per cent, bad things happen. America—let’s not go there!

We are just as vulnerable to the actions of hostile Muslim immigrants as our fellow English-speakers across the Atlantic. But we still have the blessing of time. We could come to regret ignoring Europe’s experience by allowing numbers of Islamists here to reach critical mass. Even a handful of determined jihadists can kill thousands, as we learned on 9/11. We must realize as a nation that there’s no right to immigrate—and we are foolish to welcome possible enemies.”

Ms Walker is correct, and our project is clear: Though we all (in the West) have a regrettable history of naivety about Muslim immigration, we still retain the power to decide the future. For that task, we have all the knowledge we need. Muslim immigration is not an economic process; it is a political project and will only cease when we establish a front against its expansion.