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The British National Party has always had a strained relationship with truth, but the material on its webpage frequently ventures into the frankly surreal. Consequently, visiting the BNP site each week to view the articles is one of my most guilty pleasures. From there I have learned many things – from leader Nick Griffin’s secret, hypocritical desire for the Jewish celebrity Nigella Lawson, to the ‘scholarly disputes’ vis-à-vis the Holocaust, to the nature of the ‘New World Order’ and the shadow government ruling Westminster.

This week though, an article was posted which topped any of these lunatic pronouncements. According to guest writer Paul Hickman, Black people – despite considerable evidence to the contrary – aren’t actually faster runners than White people, and the consensus that they are has been deliberately forged for political purposes by…….(drum roll please)…… ‘the Zionists’!

The catalyst for this theory, was the dramatic victory by the German runner Verena Sailor over a mainly black crowd of competitors in January of this year.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The victory of Verena Sailer marks the beginning of the end for the Zionist, Marxist, Globalist and Egalitarian lie that Blacks are superior at something.

The victory of Verena Sailer is also a victory for all Nationalists and Europeans, for her symbol will help to smash the aforementioned racist, hypocritical, cultural onslaught that is being waged by the aforementioned criminal groups against our fair, intelligent and honourable people…..

The Zionist, Marxist, globalist and egalitarian effort, is clear, to smash our pride, to attempt to smash and downgrade the lives or comparative reputations of exceptional Europeans like Verena Sailer and in doing so to undermine our very cohesion as a nation, so that they can retain their identity and agenda whilst having ours torn out from before our eyes.”

That this drawl is on a major political website is astonishing. A more natural environment would be the toilet wall in a maximum security psychiatric hospital.

Mr Hickman evidently believes that by using archaic words like ‘aforementioned’, he can make himself sound educated. I don’t know if he’ll ever read this, but Mr Hickman, you come across as no more educated and literary than Dr Dre.

Back to the thrust of his argument, I’m not sure how the Marxists, the Zionists, the Globalists and the Egalitarians usually co-ordinate their efforts, but for them to be in such close concert on an issue of this kind seems infeasble.

To bolster his case, Hickman alleges that the victory of Ms Sailor has been deliberately covered up in the British media, while the victory of Mixed-Race athlete Jessica Ennis and Somali runner Mo Farrah in 2012 was deliberately promoted.

What he fails to repeat is that Ms Sailor is German and therefore considered of interest mainly to Germans, whilst Ms Ennis and Mr Farah are (although of course the BNP would dispute this) officially British and thereby more likely to be covered by the British media.

To make of this very ordinary situation, a Zionist plot, requires real mental exertion, a wild, free-roaming imagination and (not unlikely) the use of psychotropic drugs.

Let us add this latest spasm from the BNP patient to the list of reasons why they must be decisively crossed off the list by any intelligent nationalist.