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“Let Cant cease, at all risks and at all costs : till Cant ceases, nothing else can begin.” – Thomas Carlyle.

So you disagree with the Counter-Jihad tendency in its entirety; You’re a Leftist, or a Marxist, or a self-declared ‘anti-Racist’. Perhaps – like the majority – you’re still undecided on Islam, but incline against confrontation with it. Whichever category you fall into, you probably loathe people like us – ‘hateful people’ who stress the need to take the fight to the enemy.

Some people, at this point, would begin to call you names; the term ‘Dhimmi’ is typical, and is used to suggest a mixture of stupidity, passivity and learned helplessness in the opponent. I’m sure you’re not stupid. In fact, compared to some of the footsoldiers of the Counter-Jihad tendency, you probably possess a far superior grasp of international affairs. You might also do sterling activist work on other issues like poverty, economic inequality and minority rights. You are bright, good-natured people and among your number I once proudly counted.

I can understand how you found your position on this subject too. The case against Islamophobia is well-presented, reasonable and often convincing.

Perhaps some of the following ideas undergird your argument:

1. Islamophobia is Racism.

Islamophobia has an ugly face and a hateful, inarticulate voice. The anti-Islam English Defence League boasts hundreds of men with bald heads and bomber jackets, and whenever a BBC camera lingers on a crowd of them for more than five seconds, it seems inevitable that some dickhead makes a Nazi salute.

The BNP, too, never stop talking about the threat from Islam, and yet we know that they hate Blacks, Gays and Jews as well. Perhaps ‘Islamophobia’ is just a case of racists picking on Islam as an alternative to doing nothing, and maybe when they’ve finished with the Muslims, they’ll move on to other minorities.

2. Islamism is Over-Hyped by Zionists.

Jewish Nationalists (Zionists), have a clear vested interest in ‘Islamophobia’ and the way it can draft Europeans into the fight against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. Consistent with this, many of the authors most identified with anti-Islam sentiment (Mark Steyn, Pamela Geller, Bat Yeo’r, Sam Harris etc…)  are of Jewish extraction. Perhaps this is reason enough to doubt what they – and we – are saying.

3. Oil.

Muslim countries have valuable minerals and resources they usually won’t give to us. Perhaps our elites require a degree of anti-Muslim feeling in order to sell colonial wars to the electorate which would otherwise be impossible to justify.

4. Why Can’t we Move On?

The attack which seemed to start it all – 9/11 – occurred over ten years ago. Isn’t it time we all moved on? Americans behave like it was the end of the world, and yet it wasn’t really the end of a day’s trading. 3000 people died. A similar number die each hour from poverty. Why should you care about the fat, bloated Yanks when there are people dying all over the world, including those impoverished by American policy?

Many of these points are valid and all of them have foundations in reality.

Not one of them however succeeds in abolishing the Islamist threat. 

Let’s tackle them in reverse order:

The events known as 9/11 were not (contrary to what the internet might tell you) American initiatives. Whether too much is made of the tragedy is besides the point. It happened, it was evil and it demanded a response.

The issue of the Islamic world’s resources (and their exploitation by the West) is something we can actually agree on. The modern Jihadi Enterprise has been largely enabled by America’s foolhardy sponsorship of the Saudi royal family and the injection of trillions of dollars into the economies of the Wahhabi Gulf. Similarly, the American purchase of oil and gas from Iraq or indeed any Islamic source is, to us, wholly undesirable and we recommend alternatives be sought out.

Jewish Nationalism, whatever some of its adherents might believe, has not benefited greatly from anti-Islam sentiment. The greatest enemies of the Jewish state – Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, are black-listed on the grounds of terrorism, genocide, and totalitarianism. Their identity as Islamic is not the foremost reason for their isolation. If it were, then Saudi Arabia and Egypt would have been disowned long ago.

Still, this is not to say that Jewish Nationalists don’t desire a Western World more sympathetic to their position. Why on Earth wouldn’t they? It is fundamental to any type of activism that one wants ones cause to succeed. The pursuit of sympathy and alliance can hardly be called sinister or underhand, and the methods used to acquire sympathy must be judged, in any case, on their independent merit. Books about Islam by Jewish authors should be open to the same scrutiny as any other political work, but if that scrutiny, after finding nothing wrong with them, continues unabated, it can justly be reclassified as bigotry.

The English Defence League is not a registered political party. It is open for all to join without qualification or even so much as a background check. Given that its marches allow for (and indeed encourage) aggression and the display of nationalistic sentiment, it is inevitable that some undesirable elements will be pulled in alongside the best of the catch.

Unconvinced? Let’s go on then….

You might possess a more general objection to ‘victimizing’ a group of people for the cultural affiliation into which they were born. This too is perfectly sane and morally sensible. Our answer, however, is necessarily hard-hearted:

This is a war for the future of our civilization. All manner of cruelties are obliged of us in times of war that, in a time of peace, would be considered reprehensible. We must murder those who wish to murder us before they can try. We have no sensible reason to doubt the intentions behind words such as ‘Death to the West’. When Iranians and Egyptians chant this, they are not threatening a distant immaterial concept, but you and I, our families and friends.

And while we talk of civilization, tell me, do you value any of the following things:

Music, Television, Art, Non-religious Literature, free mixing of the sexes, Sport…? 

Well, the Salafi brand of Islamist (if he is successful) will prevent your children from enjoying any of these activities. They will be banned by the state and religious authorities.

Our various and hard-won society will collapse into a tedious rhythm of prayer, food and sleep. Nothing else. Popular entertainment will be limited to the sadistic festivals of public execution.

If you’re a woman, I must ask, do you like your family?

Well you better had do. For in Salafist Europe, you will be answerable and obedient to your family until the age of marriage and after that to a husband chosen for you by them.

Do I really need to go on?…

All I’m asking you to do is think; To be honest with yourself. I’d wager that you do like music, that you do like mingling with people of the opposite sex. I think you value our civilization as much as we do and would miss it greatly should it disappear.

It may be good nature that led you down this road of untruth, but unless you rejoin one that is more rational, you will end up in alliance with some very terrible people indeed.

If you’re able to think about these things – even for a short while – without political conditioning, you’ll come to see very quickly which side is yours to defend.