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The descent of ethnic Europeans into panda-like sterility isn’t something which merits further analysis. We know the facts well enough. Numbers and statistics can be summoned quickly from the internet. Few measures can now be implemented to reverse the decline, and no energy is apparent to mount an effort anyway.

What can still be said of value then, must leave the domain of facts and enter the zone of speculation. Let’s construct (for the sake of amusement) a dystopia and see what options will be available to liberal Europeans (and by this I include all European-born non-Muslims), in the projected near-future.

Position your imagination the following way: It is 2030. London by this time is 60% Islamic and riddled with all the ‘enrichments’ of the faithful. Asian populations formerly limited to East London now stretch imperiously into Essex and Kent. Those believers based in Croydon are claiming ground southwards into rural Surrey and Sussex.

White refugees from most of the English inner-cities are moving en masse to old-age retirement colonies along the southern coastline. Younger White families are moving to rural Wales and Cumbria.

In America, the levers of cultural and political power lie firmly in the hands of an African-Hispanic coalition. Elderly Whites are dying off in their tens of thousands. Increasing temperatures and rates of crime make urban environments impossible terrain for the over fifties, meaning that every city of national importance is now under minority rule.

Every week a new ‘White terrorist’ is arrested after plotting gun rampages against immigrant communities. Al-Qaeda is a distant memory. White men over fifty are now public enemy number one.

As all media bends eventually to the force of money, the post-Murdoch Fox News Network, once so firmly allied to the White male, now deals only in racially neutral issues like abortion and local government. Most of its presenters are Hispanic.

Mexicans cross the Southern border at their leisure, while in the north, Canada beefs up its own border security, concerned at the illegal entry of American Whites.

The population of Russia is significantly smaller than what it was in the year 2000. One third of Russia’s population is now Islamic, and Muslims enjoy increasing influence upon its national and foreign policy…..

There. That should cheer you up.

I’m afraid that not one of these dystopian predictions is infeasible. Indeed, the worst-case-scenarios of experts far exceed the ideas above. Consequently, it is well worth asking the question sooner rather than later:

What will you do in such a world? Where will you go?

A bizarre consensus has developed on the internet (especially in the context of the Islamisation of Europe) according to which the only sanctuary in which Western Civilization can survive the coming upheaval, is not to be found in Europe, Asia, or North America… but Australasia.

Time and time again when chatting to like-minded people on Facebook, I find the closing comment on a long thread to be a variant of the following: “Well, whatever happens. There’s always Australia. We can ultimately move there.”

Perhaps it’s not intended as seriously as I take it, but this nevertheless seems a very depressing strain of defeatism. Australia is a beautiful country, wonderfully diverse (and I use that word in its original naturalist sense), teeming with optimistic, talented and pleasant people. But is that really the answer?  

It seems, for thousands of Brits, that yes it is. Increasing numbers of English, Scottish and Welsh families are choosing to expose themselves to the notoriously stringent examinations of the Australian Immigration Board every year, and that number is projected to climb consistently for the foreseeable future.

Other than Australia, some people predict an exodus of Europeans to Canada: an even vaster landmass, and one with a more European climate. Others suggest New Zealand. Some even point to the vast ice-fields of Greenland.

Personally, I don’t believe that these are the natural options at all, or at any rate those which will be pursued by progressive youth when the time comes.

In 2030, I will be 46 years of age. Still a young-ish bloke then, with at least the physical and emotional fitness to leave a sinking ship. If the predictions of the great ‘Islamophobes’ (Mr Steyn, Ms Geller etc…) prove correct, and if the liberal West fails to mount an effective resistance in the meantime, my plan is to migrate to Latin America: the vastest cultural territory in the world to remain free of Islamisation, and one of the last and greatest hopes for the survival of European(ish) culture.

Still, maybe all this speculation is fanciful. Our elites might see the light sooner than we imagine. But when I hear that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are being denied entry into my country on the grounds of ‘cultural cohesion’, and at the same time read reports of local soldiers not going out on their own at night to ‘avoid being beheaded’, I can’t help feeling we’re already too far down the road to hit reverse.