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It appears that a soldier has been beheaded on the streets of London this afternoon.

Although I’m anything but ‘surprised’, the cruelty of the act still defies belief.

I should never have to write about beheadings, nor even contemplate them happening so close to my home. Such events were typical of London two hundred years ago. This is 2013. Fatalities like this are the violent tax we pay on importing those from another century.

Do not blame the political climate for this. That climate includes everyone. I am entirely innocent of this man’s brave and wasted blood, as are you. It is our leaders who are guilty and we must be clear about this from the start. For the last fifteen years, the British political class has imported the most hideous depravity into one of the birthplaces of the modern age. Now these opposite forces are coming to war with each other in a way so natural it barely merits detailed analysis.

The most simple elements are also the most fundamental and contradictory. Light repels dark, good repels evil, and modernity should repel barbarism; There is no coexistence possible for concepts so starkly and absolutely opposed.

As for a motivation for this latest murder, don’t flatter the savages by looking for one. Anyone who has a political mind will have already decided their position on Islam in the Western world. We should now stand back and let the (non-political) masses soak in the events of today and trust them to draw the right conclusions.

I for one hope this spitting on the fabric of British Patriotism acts as a more general ‘wake-up call’, compelling us to act faster and with greater mental clarity than before. I hope the EDL make some sort of appearance when it is respectful and right for them to do so. I also hope that the right-wing and left-wing can unite on something so basic and important as the lives of British soldiers and condemn this action together.

Lastly, I hope for popular decorum and an atmosphere of respect. If you’re already on the intelligent side of the Islam debate, the temptation when something like this happens is to feel ‘smug’… But this is too close to feeling ‘good’, and how can anyone feel ‘good’ about today?