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Beautiful Malaysian Flag HD Wallpaper

I noticed the other week that one of my posts was shared (approvingly) on an anti-Islam website in Malaysia. I consequently enjoyed many hundred visitors to this blog from that country and this left me confused (and happy of course, but still….). I had always assumed Malaysia to be a purely Islamic country like Indonesia, and possessed with a similar religious fervour. I was completely wrong of course, as I later found out from reading about the country online.

Malaysia is a country rarely mentioned in Western Media. While this may be understandable from a purely geographic point of view (Malaysia being a distant and small territory), it isn’t justified from a geo-strategic one. Roughly 60% of the Malaysian population professes the religion of Islam. The remainder are a mixture of Buddhists, Christians, Confucians and Hindus. Despite centuries of coexistence, the Muslim and non-Muslim sections of society are increasingly coming into collision with one another. The Muslims are said to enjoy a plethora of political and economic advantages over the rest of society stemming from the fact that Islam remains the only legally-endorsed ‘state-religion’ in the constitution. Religious minorities by contrast, have to fight for freedoms against the current (even if not the explicit content) of the law.

It’s time Western Counter-Jihad activists took more of an interest in the welfare of these people. The Malaysian Kaffir have struggled for many decades, without significant allies, against the same force that Armenians, Greek Cypriots, and Maronite Christians have opposed more famously and with greater coverage.

There are no limits to Jihad. Bin Laden was very clear that he intended to create a borderless curse on all coherent societies. Malaysia is no different from Armenia in this struggle. They both contain battlelines either side of which are violent Muslims and those they seek convert or enslave.