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I haven’t giggled since I was a child. I’ve laughed of course, and chuckled and wheezed and bawled, but I haven’t giggled for longer than I can remember.

Giggling is a curious and revealing reaction to stimuli in that it doesn’t equate to one being amused but rather disturbed. Giggling is a way of covering up fear, embarrassment and lack of understanding.

I’m pretty fascistic about who I let into my personal life and so I haven’t heard a friend or valued associate giggle for some time either. My friends are too mature for that. If they are intimidated by a subject (which is rare), they’ll brace themselves and let curiosity play surrogate for courage. “Tell me more…”

The last time I witnessed giggling from a fully grown adult was during my first year at University. I’ve written about this period elsewhere on this blog. It was one of the most tense and degrading years of my adult existence. I was placed into a student residential block with around 12 other students. I would say about 9 of them were Muslim. Those who weren’t (excluding myself) were uncommunicative Eastern Europeans.

As you would expect from this author, I kept as much of a distance as I could manage from the believers, but I still inevitably ran into them on occasion.

Whenever they tried to ingratiate themselves with me, I found the best and most reliable method of repelling them to be to mention sex. Whenever I mentioned any decidedly heterosexual topic, the Muslims began, in chorus, to giggle like children and then try to change the subject.

I noted that they seemed to hate talking about women; whether the beauty of women, the anatomy of women, or the existence of women etc…..

Mentioning the fairer sex seemed to act as a social pesticide. The word ‘vagina’ (actually a rather beautiful word) in particular they found to be ‘disgusting’ and it reliably sent them indoors.

This was curious to me then, but not to me now. As anyone who has read social studies of Muslims in the West knows, Western Muslims are especially tortured by the issue of sexuality. They are told by their religion that all aspects of sexuality are to be strictly limited to procreation and marriage, and yet they are growing up in a civilization which celebrates sex, sexiness, beauty and even perversion. As a consequence, their personalities are thrown into riot.

Muslim men (despite what their behaviour suggests) are human beings. When they are young, they have urges just like anyone else. They are also often members of racial groups with strikingly beautiful women. But they are powerless to act. They are forced by circumstance to live in a banqueting hall, and forced by their culture to starve themselves.

You may recall some time ago, there was a Muslim plot to blow up the Tiger Tiger nightclub in London. A taped phone conversation was released after the plot was foiled in which the would-be terrorists discussed their reasoning for selecting this venue. Much of what they said corresponded to a complete lack of sexual understanding. They equated scantily dressed women to adulterers, and promiscuous men to homosexuals. Labels were thrown around with zero respect for their meaning. Religion itself was barely touched upon.

In order to face the Muslim threat, we need to understand much more than the religious motivations of those who hate us. It is all too often the case that Muslims attack not because they feel supreme, but because – deep down – they know they are inadequate.