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In order to understand how best to awaken people to the Islamist threat, it seems increasingly rewarding to focus less on theory and statistics, and more on image and communication.

The Islamisation argument has been won statistically for some time. Nobody has managed to seriously dispute the projections put forward in ‘America Alone’ by Mark Steyn or ‘The Death of the West’ by Pat Buchanan, and they’ve had a lot of time to find a decent reply. The guns fell silent long ago in the theoretical battle too. A great thudding broadside from Christopher Caldwell sent the opposition into a screaming death-spiral of contradiction and lies.

But we are still far from winning the greater war – the one for hearts and minds. A majority of the population still oppose us, disagree with us, hate us even.

This is because (unfortunately for us), a majority in any modern, liberal democracy do not read political books, or analyse statistics, or philosophise about future demographic scenarios at all. They are too busy doing other things, like listening to music, playing sport and above-all, watching television.

The battlefield of the future therefore is popular culture. It is the vast, green distance separating our trench from that of the Islamists. Theory and statistics are yesterday’s combat. Further sociological or demographic analysis, even of the most pristine and original kind, will not advance the front-line any further.

With this in mind then, let us examine a case study of an opposition soldier on this new battlefield: The Left-Wing comedian Russell Howard. His views I find, are typical of the liberal trend in entertainment and media, and his hypocrisies should prove familiar too.

Russell Howard is a known face to almost everyone in this country (the UK). He was a regular on Mock the Week, a very popular left-leaning political panel show on BBC2, and now has his own show ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’, a comic retrospective of the past weeks headlines which regularly tops the ‘most viewed’ chart on BBC Iplayer.

Both of these shows grant Howard a forum to air his worldview, which is quintessentially liberal and also exactly hypocritical.

I haven’t selected Howard out of any special contempt for his person. He seems a perfectly nice man, capable at his craft, and his political views, however warped, are likely rooted in a pleasant nature. Some time ago however, I saw him interviewed on Jonathan Ross in which he let slip some details about his personal life that made me lose all respect for his political commentary.

Howard has made a big thing in the past of bashing both the English Defence League and the British National Party. The latter he’s right and free to bash till the cows come home. His critique of the former however has grated with me ever since I learned where the young comic lives: Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Leamington Fucking Spa.

Now, one might safely call someone a hypocrite for living in Kensington and then lecturing Northerners about how lovely Muslims are. But then Kensington has at least seen an influx of Iranians over the years and is now home to many mosques and ‘cultural centres’. There still aren’t enough Muslims to absolve West-London Leftists of the charge of hypocrisy, but at least they are getting a small sample of the package enforced in full on other cities.

Such hypocrisy has nothing on Mr. Howard. He ridicules those native people living in Islamised areas from one of the most prosperous and monocultural regions in the European Union. Leamington Spa is an extremely white, totally non-urban, totally safe, totally Middle-Class enclave. There are Muslims there of course, but as a town it is, unlike London or Birmingham, safely detached from any truly Islamic environment.

Before the Jonathon Ross interview, I’d naturally presumed Mr. Howard would live in London. That’s where he works after all. But no, he commutes in and out of the multicultural experiment at his leisure. How lucky!

When the EDL return home after a march, they often go back to war-torn urban sprawls, divided by religion, economics and race. After a stand-up show ridiculing the EDL in London, Howard goes home to a region of serene peace and social harmony. His bedroom window looks out onto a picture of unenriched olde England; a wonderland most working class families cannot afford.

OK, OK, perhaps I’m being a little unfair. Howard remarked that he lives in Leamington Spa largely because of his long-time girlfriend and this, for all I know, may be true. But should he still not appreciate how fortunate he is to live there and be made to acknowledge why he (and his social type) fare better there than in say, Bethnal Green or Sparkbrook?

I attend University in London. During my first year I witnessed many young White guys enter halls of residence as chirpy, pleasant, friendly people, many of them in some ways like Howard himself. After a month or two of living with largely Pakistani ‘Brits’, they were either bullied social-wreckage, or else their personalities were completely remodeled to adapt to the brash, homophobic stupidity of the majority.

You can rest assured that these guys will not share Howard’s attitude about Muslims now.

Howard’s liberalism extends beyond his defense of Muslims. He also defends (as do I) the right of homosexuals to be free from persecution, and reaffirms the importance of protecting women from violence and harassment. But in order for him to be faithful to these principles, he must first heavily dilute his commitment to defending Islamisation, and yet he doesn’t. An Islamised Britain will have no ‘Gay Rights’ parades, or topless Feminist punk-bands, or at least it won’t have them for any longer than it takes the morality police to find and hang those involved.

Howard and I grew up in the same city, my dear beloved Bristol. For this reason, his attitude doesn’t surprise me too much. Most people in Bristol are overly pleasant, somewhat naïve and politically utopian. Bristol (as I’ve written about elsewhere) doesn’t have much of a race problem. Those immigrant communities which are there have usually proven of great value. Perhaps Howard’s entire life has conspired to keep him in the dark about life’s more difficult issues. I don’t know.

But we shouldn’t be shy in calling people like Mr Howard out on his hypocrisies. We should be polite when doing so of course, as we too share his unspoken preferences. Most of us would love to live in Leamington Spa. But, crucially, we would be honest about why we’d choose to live there over somewhere like Sparkbrook or Stoke-on-Trent. And most importantly of all, we wouldn’t have the cheek to, as Mr. Howard does, ridicule those condemned to live less fortunate lives.

D, LDN.