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I was out walking with a friend and fellow blogger the other day in North London. We’d set out to discuss the things we both write about such as politics, religion, philosophy etc… This proved more difficult than it sounds and more difficult than we’d foreseen. We weren’t talking particularly loudly, or choosing extreme language, but, given that it is a mutual interest, we were talking about Muslims and quite negatively about them too. Whenever we did this there seemed to arrive as if by magic, a woman in a hijab (a different one each time) either to the side of us, behind us or in front of us. Whenever we were getting to the point of a diatribe about Islam in Britain, our earshot suddenly became a Hajj pilgrimage and our voices were forced to hush.

You might well say there’s nothing unusual about that, at least in modern London, and you’d be right to a limited degree. Had we been walking through Bethnal Green then you’d certainly have a point. But this was one of the most salubrious areas of the Capital. Not far from Little Venice. And yet even here, Muslims were everywhere. They must have been 20% of the people we encountered.

And all this made me think: In the future, when the Muslim population is even greater, where in London will provide sanctuary for the open expression of dissenting opinion? Neither myself nor my friend were soapboxing that day, but had we tried, we would surely have been arrested, assaulted or at least told to shut up.

In the home of Soapboxing and political speechmaking, Hyde Park Corner, the situation is not much better. Westminster, the home of modern Western democracy, has been occupied by pro-Muslim ‘anti-war’ protestors for the past ten years. Trafalgar Square only seems to allow its space to be used by the most liberal and multicultural of causes.

It seems that the pushback against Islamisation in London will one day be pushed underground.

The Muslims have conquered the public spaces of the British Capital. It’s little things like this that inform you who is really winning this contest.