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What did the barman say when the Anti-Racist campaigners came in for a drink? No it’s not a joke, well not really, well kind of….

The answer is ‘nothing’, as that kind of thing never happens.

(cue – cymbal crash sound-effect)…………

It’s true though. ‘Anti-Racists’, the kind which face-down the EDL at marches, rarely drink together. They don’t eat together either. More often than not, they don’t know each other, or want to. Their community, to put it impolitely, is faked.

For the Middle Class Left (who provide the deepest resource of Unite-Against-Fascism and similar groups), the very idea of community – in its original apolitical sense – is outdated. UAF footsoldiers derive from places so wealthy that solidarity outside of familial bounds is strictly optional, making it flexible and responsive to trends. Organic solidarity, the naturally produced kind, is considered antique (or at the very least pre-Ocado).

The EDL of course, do drink together. In fact, they’ve worked up a reputation for doing so. But this is because EDL ‘divisions’ are often made up of people who live around the corner from one another. The Barnet EDL consists of people from Barnet. The Hull EDL consists of people from Hull. The Stoke EDL is based in and peopled by Stokies etc…

Across the barricades, the awkward crowds of Muslim and liberal White counter-protestors come from separate worlds. The Whites may know each other in small groups, but you can bet your shirt that the Muslims have never seen any of them before.

Here’s an experiment. Select any White female from a UAF protest against the EDL. Usher her to one side and ask where she lives. The answer will almost certainly be an area located at a safe distance from any Muslim community.

This isn’t anything to be surprised by. No woman promoting the process of Islamisation can live in a street with any Muslims on it. No mother with a young daughter could support greater liberty for grooming gangs. No freedom loving, real-hearted human being – male or female – could ever be motivated to support such things. The Women who do attend these rallies typically derive from insulated, exclusively White enclaves around the outskirts of town, safely distant from the social cocktail brewed by the policies they support; a chaos of hatred, alienation and abuse ‘good enough’ for the poor, but nothing a rich family should suffer.

And this leads naturally to a question that, in earlier times, would have been asked by the Left…..What right does a suburban princess have to ridicule the desperate concern of a single mother? What right does a public-schoolboy in a rugby shirt have to shout down the fury of exhausted working men?

The famous ‘We are Waltham Forest’ group which so humiliated the EDL in Walthamstow was by-no-means exclusively ‘Waltham Forest’ at all. Many of them were bused in from Watford, Hampstead, Ealing and even Oxford. Stranger lined up against stranger to face down friends.

A faked community faced off against a real one, and won.

The EDL, unlike their counter-demonstrators, do not disband the moment the whistle is blown on a certain protest. These are authentic people, drawn together by authentic shared concerns.

The contest between the EDL and the UAF therefore has great implications for the national future.  Do we still value authentic communities and by-extension, the greater ideal of a united country,  – or do we prefer the type of culture-blind, stitched-together society so ably represented by the Anti-Fascists? If we fail to support the former, one day there won’t be an England worth protecting. The country will devolve into a cultural window-display, complete with faked smiles, faked happiness and faked loyalties. Perhaps then the UAF will raise a glass.