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I sat down this evening to write a blog-post about Islam (just trying to diversify my portfolio you know?), and felt straightaway the rough anxiety known as writers block. This isn’t the first time that this subject has produced such a feeling. After all, what is there to say that has’t already been said?

This is by-itself a misnomer, given that the Islamisation of the West is the premier issue of our day and the one most in need of talking about. But to an extent it is this very urgency which explains the impotence.

The obviousness of the Islamist threat is such that nothing usually needs to be added to what can be observed. The experience of seeing a Muslim woman strolling down the street clad in funeral black isn’t something which needs elaborating upon. The vital fact here is readily apparent. She is a perfect display of confinement, imprisonment, barbarism and exotic cruelty.

When Christians are literally fed to dogs in Syria, expressions like “barbaric” or “savage” seem redundant. These words belong to a society which can understand them, and a society which can understand them is by its nature incapable of such actions. The words therefore are doomed to be an echo, a weak protest after the event, by those too far away to do anything.

Addressing the Islamist threat is now so urgent that language – whether books, blogging or journalism – seems an exhausted form of expression. The neccessary books are already written and the issue is still undecided.

Those who like to read at all will have read (or will eventually read) volumes like “America Alone” by Mark Steyn, “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” by Christopher Caldwell, “Londonistan” by Melanie Phillips etc… These are sufficient to explain most future variations on the Islamist theme. Those who like to watch people argue will have already observed Christopher Hitchens mowing down opponents on the Islamist issue on youtube. Those who like to riot and protest will have joined the English Defence League, the BNP or another comparable organisation.

But all of these categories, taken as one, amount to little more than a tenth of the population. The remaining ninety percent are not convinced of the need to address the problem, or even that there is a problem.

I grow tired of hearing things like “The time for talking is over”, or “Now is the time for action”…. But I tire of hearing them in the same way in which a smoker tires of hearing people tell him that he is damaging his health. I dislike their words for their accuracy and for my refusal to act on them.

And so, what are people doing about the Islamist threat? The EDL are at least doing something, albeit not very successfully, and not with any sophisticated plan of action. The BNP have core beliefs repellent to the liberal and decent majority and UKIP are too centrist and pro-Muslim to be of any real use.

We need then a party of our own.

I am told by my friend, the blogger Enza Ferreri (who runs the page ‘Save the West’ on facebook), that Paul Weston, the figure behind the now defunct British Freedom Party, has a new one for us to join – Liberty GB. I enclose a link to its homepage at the bottom of this article. For Britain’s sake, join it, attend its meetings, stand as candidates for it, vote for it.

The excuses for idleness are wearing thin.


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