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My last ‘travel guide’ was somewhat short, so here (not exactly by public demand but who cares) is the sequel.

Listed below are 4 more (safe) places for an Islamophobic tourist coming to Britain to visit (dealing as before with different tourist ‘needs’), plus one which is distinctly unsafe but politically significant.

Culture – Stratford Upon-Avon.


This exquisite town is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the pre-eminent poet of the English language and one of the most brilliant examples of Western intellectual supremacy over the world of Islam.

In spite of the desperate contortions of PC historians, there has never been found an Islamic equivalent – let alone rival – to the Bard. Those names which are suggested – like the Pakistani Muhammad Iqbal, and the Persians Hafiz and Rumi, are usually completely invalid. The religiousity of Hafiz and Rumi is highly debatable, as is Iqbal’s very quality as a writer. But regardless of any variable – no playwright in the Muslim world, nor in the far-east or Africa of the last millennium has neared the achievement of Shakespeare. He is reason enough – even if taken on his own – for thinking that the English are a very special people indeed.

Islamification level – 2/10 – There are no major Muslim communities in Stratford. Long may that endure.

Architecture – Edinburgh.


Confession: I’ve never ventured north of the Anglo-Scottish border, but I’ve seen enough photographic evidence to know that Edinburgh is a beautiful, ornate city.

Islamification level – 3/10 – Very few Muslims, very few mosques and a proud and still-intact native culture.

History – Oxford.

Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the oldest in the world, and still one of the most prestigious. Obviously there are too many world-famous alumni to list, but just try to think of a few great English scientists or politicians and the chances are they spent at least some of their youth within these grounds.

Islamification Level – 5/10 – I was going to give a rating of 3/10 but then I realised this was wishful thinking. Oxford has seen great swathes of Muslim immigration in recent years, and was – disgracefully – recently the site of an Islamic paeodphile ring.

Nevertheless, the sheer intellectual power and reputation of the university means that Muslims are usually put in their place here.

Art – Belfast.


Ignore what you think you know about Northern Ireland. Ulster is mostly safe these days. The historic conflict is increasingly fought in parliament rather than on the streets. Some of what remains of that period though – especially the sectarian murals – is certainly worth seeing.

Islamification level – 0/10 – Whether Catholic or Protestant (and you might want to remember that distinction) – most Ulster Brits are proudly Christian.

5. To see the problem first-hand – Stoke-on-Trent.


This is not an endorsement as such – and this is certainly not the area to choose if you’re wanting a nice, luxurious break, but a visit to Stoke can be very rewarding in other ways. Once you have seen Stoke as an American say, you will understand the Republican argument much better.

Stoke-on-Trent is what happens when you combine Communism (massive and deliberately engineered public-sector dependency) and Islamic immigration.

The White population is sub-nationally deprived in Stoke. They are also super-nationally angry and with good reason. No significant investment is forthcoming from London. What had been coming has since been cut after the ‘deficit’ hysteria broke out (- on a side-note, cutting an 80bn pound deficit is meaningless in a country which is 1.4 trillion pounds in debt).

But then poverty was only the first problem. Another wave of problems arrived in the form of Islamic immigration. And now the two have congealed to form (and no offence to anyone who lives there), one of the most depressing places in the UK, if not the world.

Islamification level – 7/10 –

Come, witness and leave. But tell others when you go home.