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So I was in Starbucks in London, drinking (since you ask) a large flat-white with one sugar. I had been stressed out for most of the afternoon dealing with mobile phone retailers (soulless bastards), and I really wanted to relax with a newspaper for an hour or two, away from the burly street outside.

This proved impossible because of a couple next to me who were smulchily kissing (the most horrible sound in the world) every 5 seconds. I say ‘they’ were kissing but in reality it was him kissing her – her forehead, her arms, her nose, her hands, her fingers…. He stroked and groped her like nothing I’ve ever seen (offline). Inbetween kisses, she spoke to him nervously, and he responded confidently in a thick accent, each time finishing with another kiss.

Sat next to them I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. He was Australian, of Pakistani heritage, and she was Polish, living in Britain. She was evidently keen on a life in Australia and this groping gentleman was fuelling her desires by describing the wonders of the country in romantic detail. He said he could help her move there, and offered to let her stay in his home in Brisbane for as long as she needed while she looked for employment.

The girl seemed to me rather awkward and uneasy as he obsessively covered her skin in loud, passionate kisses. She broke off his kissing at any opportunity she could and tried to restart the practical talk of Australia, employment in Australia, visa requirements etc…. I found it all quite disturbing and began to think those non-pc thoughts again…(aww here it goes!)

Now of course, this girl could be very much in love and I could be being terribly bigoted here. But I have a sneaky feeling this guy (no oil painting) was using his Australian nationality as a pick-up.

Which would be understandable enough I suppose. Australia weighed against where she lives (Bow, so I learned) is hardly a contest. Bow (in East London) is a poor, over-crowded area, filled with Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants and is as run-down as any area of Dhaka or Islamabad.

She told the guy that she didn’t feel safe around there (though she didn’t mention race or culture). Australia was her ‘dream’ she remarked, and she’s not alone there either. Australia (together with all other recently settled Western countries – New Zealand, Canada, the US etc..) is a haven dreamed of by those Europeans (me included) longing for a Western standard of living un-enriched by Muslims.

I imagine the difference in social sanitation between Brisbane and London cannot be easily summed up in words. I bet the trains run on time, and the air is cleaner.

Anyway, the thoughts inspired by this episode were slightly mind-bending –

Here was a Pakistani-Australian, scoring with a Polish girl, on the promise of taking her somewhere with less Pakistanis….I drank up, left and walked back home. As I walked I wondered how much this was happening these days. Perhaps it’s common now. New Zealanders, Americans, Australians, and Canadians must be coming to realise how valuable their passports are in contrast with those of EU countries.

They will only increase in value as the Islamification of Europe progresses.

Food for thought.