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The Christian Union at my University is rarely seen or heard from, except via small pieces of mysterious looking card attached to pillars in the study corridors, or in the cafeteria.

The group has been forced underground you see. I don’t mean in a Rambo way. It’s nothing so dramatic (or effective).

No, they merely decided that it was safer for them, their families and their sanity, to not publically preach the gospel to students in the open air. Instead, they sneak in during the 20hr library’s night-session and put up bright green notices saying things like….

“Tired of life and study? Why not come and talk to us.”

At the bottom of each card is the official email address of the Union and the logo, but no names. It’s all very cloak-and-dagger.

You could remark that the sentence above is hardly the most inspiring advert to have ever been made on behalf of Christianity, and you’d be right. Although you should be aware, that it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time at this place the same union put up posters carrying bold declarations of faith.

“Jesus is the only way to heaven.”, “Accept Jesus before it is too late.”, “Explore the one true faith.” etc….etc…..

Nowadays, such confidence is unheard of…..from that union.

At the Islamic union, every day is an opportunity not only to recommend their religion, but to declare that it is the only decent, true and worthy religion around. These guys have no problems setting up huge stalls in the reception block of the University, with displays talking of hellfire, sin and eternal damnation – to be passed through by all students on their way to morning lectures.

Now, university is a pretty demotivating place at times, but it takes the fucking biscuit to be told first thing in the morning – before a revision note has been scrawled – that “the life in this world” (and presumably the notes taken in it) are worthless before the almighty, and that  – just because any time is a good time to remember – we’d better not be kissing men either (or, unbelievably in one leaflet – molesting livestock. Thank goodness they told me!).

Though it does many things, this aggressive religious marketing does not put one in the mood for learning.

And so what are the students doing about it? Are they boldly revising their commitment to political correctness and saying enough is enough?

No of course not. They are joking and laughing in private instead….but only about the Christian union. The Christian union is ‘sad’, or ‘dumb’ or ‘pathetic’. The Islamic union, because it’s slightly more exotic and less ‘white’, is fine, even admirable.

This is White self-hatred at its most obvious and its most idiotic.

For the Left atheism is selective and subordinate to other beliefs (especially Cultural Marxism). Religion is not bad, ‘White’, or native religion is bad. Foreign religions are exempt. If we dispense with the fake-language, it becomes even clearer –

It is unity among native European peoples (and anything which facilitates it) that is opposed by Leftist atheism. They oppose native faiths because they are a threat to the Europe-wide Cultural Marxist regime – and as such must be destroyed, undermined and eventually replaced.